“Tina, short of John Carlton himself, yours is the most readable copy writing style I’ve seen. There’s just something that says read more and more and more. And my “I don’t have time for this” alarm just doesn’t go off. Congrats, there are only a few people who can write like that.

Your talent for writing copy that snatches the consciousness away from readers and doesn’t give it back until you let them is what every writer wants and even prays to acquire. Getting in the writing flow state and staying there so a piece of copy appears magically out of a blur of typing is something that people would stand in a Siberian winter bread line to learn to do.”
~ Darryl Roth, Israel

“Tina, your copy has an amazing ability to immediately capture the reader’s attention and never let go.  You’ve figured out how to get to the “sell” while building a relationship with the reader.  Plus, you’re one of the most enjoyable writers I’ve had the honor to work with!  Working with you is a win-win every time.”

~ Ann Wixon, Playwright & Entrepreneur

“I was blown away, as I expected to be! You are an amazing woman with an amazing gift. I am so grateful to have learned so much already, in such a short time. I want to be part of G4 and the conference in the West. Thank you for allowing me what feels like a rare opportunity. Finding this community, and especially you, is a life changing experience for me.”

~ Sharon Tratnik, Lansing, MI

“My successful journey in direct response copywriting has been directly impacted by Tina Lorenz in several ways. Tina gave me a valuable copy critique last fall, asking nothing in return. I made $3,000 on that project, and her advice made sure the copy did its job. In fact my latest project also came as a result of Tina’s help. Her advice about tone of voice and mindset allowed me to negotiate from a base of professional strength and resulted in a project worth more than $3,000. Not only that, the last two times I’ve been on the phone with Tina (yes, she actually talks to me on the phone) she’s given me some very good marketing advice as well as suggesting how to start generating some income without a client. I’m about to launch two new websites as a direct result of her advice.
Every time I listen to Tina, I make money. Without Tina, my copywriting business would probably still just be a dream. Thanks to Tina, I’m not generating real income, not just a few hundred bucks here and there.
I’m a working copywriter because Tina cared enough to help me when I needed it. I’m forever in her debt.”

~ Perry Droast, Hanford, CA

“I can’t thank you enough for your valuable time and all the information you put out there for us. You truly got me fired up for my journey into copywriting. Thank you for your time and energy.”

~ Steven Bruns, Phoenix, AZ

“First of all, it was a relief to hear you say that learning copywriting is not necessarily something to attempt alone. I had gotten to the point where I thought something must be wrong with me, because I still had not clue how to start and where to set my direction. I found myself wanting to just forget the whole thing, as it seemed like an impossible task to accomplish on my own. I am fresh out of the gate here with minimal knowledge about copywriting, but I am ready to learn and take action. I view G4 as a new and first step in the right direction and am looking forward to getting started. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

~ Laura Rubenstein, Marietta, GA

“Great content, something for the beginner as well as the experienced. The 3 areas you initially outlined for discussion for successful copywriters were right on. The caution about utilizing certain words and writing styles were great reminders. Also, your suggestions on how to build added value to a project was significant. This has opened my mind to some additional offerings on several projects I am considering. G4 is a tremendous value.”

~ Gene L. Nevada

“You are genuinely an inspiration. You are the real deal. What I liked most is the way you explain things simply and directly, but with great insight, clarity and perception. I know that everything you said is true, without hype, without pretension. You have highly valuable information and guidance to give us. Your manner and delivery convey your skills as a mentor, and your heart comes through as one who wants others to succeed as you have.
I wouldn’t sign on with anyone else but you, Tina.”

~ Ellen McCurdy, Massachusetts

“Your teleconference was warm, inviting, and made me feel like I had made a new friend. You were real. You were friendly. What impressed me most of all was that you over-delivered on the call. Thank you for giving true value to us, and offering a new community that is affordable. You’re a gem, and I look forward to learning as much as I can from the experience you’ve gained and the success you enjoy in your career. Once again, thank you.”

~ Deb Holder, South Carolina

“The call was just superb! Your approach in sharing your life and the connection to the world of copywriting was so helpful to me last night. I know it was just scratching the surface, but enough to brighten the soul with great anticipation for the future. My wife, Gale, listened in for some time too. She was equally impressed with our new friend, Tina. The door has opened after much thoughtful consideration and due diligence. We believe that door is Tina Lorenz! I’m ready to roll.”

~ Thankfully, Bob Park, North Canton, OH

“Your Teleseminar was great and you carried it very well right to the end. I mean, c’mon, 200 people you were speaking to for almost two hours! You moved right along expressing your extremely helpful ideas, sprinkled with stories and some humor too. There is no doubt in my mind you are a true professional. Thanks for everything!”

~ Steve Grande, Wayland, MA

“I can tell you that, as a new copywriter, I found the information invaluable. I took lots of notes! Starting with learning to write like you talk, the proper use (and where to find) great headlines, information on subheadings, and the misusage of question marks and the word ‘that’ make me feel like I can already write good copy today. I’m looking forward to the G4 community. Thanks Tina for putting this together and for a great call!”

~ Kevin Mayz

“I’ve been working part-time as a copywriter. I write a lot of PR and marketing copy. Everything you said translates to this. Lately I’ve been bogged down and not enjoying what I’m doing. I think I’ve been forgetting to value myself and my work appropriately, and of course, that makes the difference between joyful work and drudgery. Your call reminded me of some of the challenges I love in this work, such as digging deep and finding a compelling story. It also got me thinking about the pitfalls of working with the wrong clients, and how it can lead to a self-perpetuating cycle of negative thinking. Plus the tip for gleaning headlines was brilliant! It was a shot in the arm to be in your call today. I continue this evening to be in an expansive and thoughtful place, induced, I am sure, by your smart and kind words.
Thanks for your work.”

~ Anne L.

“Wow! What a great call. I am more excited about being a copywriter than I was when I first sent away for [a popular copywriting course]. I lost some of the fire by getting sidetracked and being pulled in too many different directions. With your help, I now have faith again that I am actually able to do this. Thank you for the ‘ammunition for my arsenal’ and making sense out of all this. I can’t wait to get started. It’s 11:30 p.m. here on the East coast, and I should be in bed by now. It won’t be easy falling asleep tonight after your call. Thanks Tina for leading the way!”

~ Grace Engler

“The Teleseminar tonight was a great lesson on how to become a well-paid, successful copywriter, and have a great time while doing it. Thanks for the powerful tips.”

~ Glenn Coleman, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“Thank you for the very informative call tonight. I appreciate you taking time to explain the copywriting business. It is rare to find an experienced copywriter who will take hours of their time to explain, in detail, aspects of this business.”

~ Mindy C.

“I enjoyed your call tonight. It all resonated with me. I wasn’t lost or intimidated with any of the areas you discussed. I’ve read quite a bit in the two years I’ve been interested in marketing and copywriting, and have a nodding acquaintance with all you discussed. But that’s the problem—it’s a nodding acquaintance. I need, as you mentioned, to have this ingrained and to become second nature. You are offering content and community, I signed up immediately. I look forward to seeing what you will unveil. I will be interesting and beneficial to us all. Thanks much.”

~ Barry Anderson

“Thank you for the outstanding call! The only problem was keeping up with the gems you were producing. I liked the way you broke down the ‘copywriting business’. Moving from the craft of writing into becoming a businessperson was eye opening. I’m signing up for G4. Thanks again!”

~ Richard Sayer, Los Lunas, New Mexico

“The call was full of good advice, but by far, the most important was on mindset. Also, the clarification on using bullets, and their development, was great. Thanks again for the information and boost.”

~ Alan Flake, Ocala, FL

“Wow, Tina. The airwaves were buzzing with energy tonight! The call was fabulous—over 90 minutes of talking copy ‘Tina style’. You jam-packed this Teleseminar with 100% pure, useable content for everyone listening, no matter where they may be in their career right now. You know, I’m always blown away by the inspiration you deliver. But when you talked about mindset tonight it was a revival—such was the passion in your message. And it was that very same message coupled with your strategies to ‘get good and get going’ with copywriting that made it possible for me to quit my J.O.B. three months ago. Now I really am living a copywriter’s life and have you to thank for that. So thank you Tina, from the bottom of my heart!”

~ Pam Marshall, Powder Springs, GA

“Hi Tina. I waned to be one of the fist to tell you how valuable your pointers were last night. Your message was very motivating. The speed with which you built your business and your success is phenomenal. Thanks so much.”

~ Margot Brower, Maryland

“Your call last night was very informative. As a trainee copywriter, you provided me with tips I have already begun incorporating into an assignment I am currently doing. ‘Stop editing yourself’ and ‘owning your time’ among others, were highlights of your presentation. I can only improve my copywriting skills by being in closer touch with you. I look forward to working with you. Thanks!”

~ Samuel Forde

“I learned more about copywriting in the session you gave, then all the books I have been reading on the topic. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have shown me a way out of the present jungle I am in. Thank you!”

~ Bill Toebes

“Thanks so much for the time and planning you put into last night’s call. This call was a much-needed refresher course. There was so much material crammed in, I couldn’t write fast enough! I found the “3M” formula especially helpful. Just keeping those points in mind at all times will go a long way. Thanks again!”

~ Lisa Lehr, Maine

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU (a standing ovation in print).
You gave me goose bumps when you outlined the 3M’s because they were rattling around in my noggin as the only trifecta I need to win the horserace. So thank you! Now if you’ll excuse me, I get to go play with some cool copy gigs.”

~ Mark Henderson

“Thank you for the specific information you shared. I’ve been drowning in vague information and how-to’s. I’m very interested in what you’re putting together; I think it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks again for the insights, tips, and motivation. I appreciate your approach.”

~ Vida Fleming, Utah

“Because I had been at the Authentic Copy Intensive last October, I already knew much of what you told us on the call. This was advice I hadn’t learned from anyone else before. But I was ahead of the game. In fact, I had used what I learned earlier that same day!
I was talking to a client—one that you had referred to me—who wanted a report rewritten. After reviewing the report, as well as his site, it was clear to me that he would do better to develop a series of autoresponders. I also understood how this would be a more effective vehicle for delivering valuable content and building trust.
I really felt I was coming from a place of authoritative knowledge and delivering him valuable service and that felt good. I’m all signed up for G4 and looking forward to it!
Thanks Tina!”

~ Janet Beatrice, Massachusetts

“The call last night was great! Very informative and honest. Thank you!”

~ Eric Goettsch

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