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Here’s What Can Happen When You
Leverage The Skills I’ll Teach You…
  • You begin to see a higher level of effectiveness and response to your marketing message. It’s all about that marketing core and relationship—and I’ll show you how to get there.
  • The stress and worry of HOW to begin writing compelling marketing copy disappears. Instead you will find the “mystery” of writing sales material has become an easy to understand step-by-step blueprint you can easily follow.
  • You tap into hidden areas of your business to extract higher profitability—and you discover it is really true—marketing is FUN!
  • You realize your copywriting skills are enduring and scalable—in fact, now you can create the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of, simply by taking action and implementing what you’ve learned.
  • You feel a new sense of pride and happiness about your business—with the added bonus of an ever-growing relationship with your prospects that keeps them coming back for more.

You’ll find it is truly an enjoyable process—and that I will make things very easy for you to understand. Is it worth your time and effort? You be the judge…

What Others Have Said About Learning From Me

Every time I have “talked copy” on a teleseminar or led a training, I receive a flood of emails thanking me. Here is a small sampling of quotes from their messages. It’s an honor to be part of people’s lives in this way…

  • You make people see what’s possible, and understand that it’s also DOABLE.”
  • It’s all because of your inspiration. I never knew how easy it could really be.
  • You’ve unlocked the hidden secrets to client development most people don’t have a clue about.”
  • I hate to think where I’d be now without Tina’s help. I’ve already reached a six figure income and feel I’m just getting started.”
  • You and you alone have given me something specific I can work with and hang on to.”
  • “I can say without a moment’s hesitation, Tina is the secret of my new found success.”
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This IS The Fastest Way I’ve Found To
Achieve Your Financial Goals

I’m living proof that these strategies work. And I truly believe if you will apply yourself and take action, they will work for you too—sometimes with astonishing speed.

If you really want to make more money no matter what the economy is doing, and change your life too…don’t wait.

Get started today so you can apply these skills to your business, support your clients to higher success, and create the best years of your life, both professionally and financially.

Here’s What You’ll Get…
1) The Authentic-Copy Interactive: Your Ultimate Blueprint
to Million-Dollar Copywriting ($995)

  • Your Interactive Companion Guide—105 pages of additional Tips, Strategies, Tina’s Copy Swipe Files, and Action Plans instantly accessible by digital download
PLUS SIX Instructional Video Modules (Digital Download)
  • Module 1: Flexing Your Mental & Marketing Muscle
  • Module 2: The Keys to the Kingdom: Powerful Copy
  • Module 3: How to Get to the Point With Your Sales Letter
  • Module 4: The Anatomy of a Sales Letter
  • Module 5: Getting Customers to Buy: Opt-Ins, Your Offer, and Your Guarantee
  • Module 6: The Secret Weapon of Outstanding Marketers: Autoresponders
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It’s all waiting for you right now. So embrace it!

You can do it, because I’ll show you the way.

My greatest reward is helping you achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.

So make a smart decision—and take the first step to creating an ongoing flow of revenue for your business and your life. Whether you want to write copy for clients, or create powerful copy for your business—this IS how you’ll get there.

To your success,

Tina Lorenz

P.S. Remember, for the next 10 people to take action, I will also give you a FREE 30-day access to my e-coaching program. You’ll be able to email me ANY question you have, one a day Monday thru Thursday.

I will personally answer your question myself. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to stay on track and get the most from your copywriting program. Obviously I can’t offer this to huge numbers of people—so don’t wait. Get started today!

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