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Hi this is Tina Lorenz and Tina’s Marketing Minutes at Authentic Copy.

I’m happy to be here with you today. Authentic Copy has been closed for quite some time for remodeling, refurbishing and re-inspiring. Plus we’ve been traveling and living outside the country for the last couple of years. In addition, I’ve been working on quite a lot of massive online launches, some you’re probably very familiar with.

But finally I’m back to the heart of what I really love doing, which is to teach, mentor, coach and share the fun, excitement and inspiration of marketing and all the wonderful things it can bring into your life, the abundance and options that can happen for you when you understand smart marketing and apply it to your business.

Now whether you are a copywriter, you want to be a copywriter who writes for other clients (which can be an extremely profitable avenue for you to pursue) or whether you already have products or a business–whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online business–I’m going to be giving you Marketing Minutes that can really help you boost your profitability, your effectiveness, and the whole mindset of how you approach business.

Everywhere I go I see marketing ideas and concepts all around me–and I think “it would be so awesome to share this with other people” and have thinking about how this applies to your business. So that’s why I’m going to start doing Tina’s Marketing Minutes and give you tasty little bite size chunks that are easily digestible that you can apply to your business, to your copywriting, and sometimes just even life in general–how you think about things and how you perceive the world.

Today I want to start with a story and kind of a damaging admission about something that Ron and I really love but we try not to do too often. And that is to go to In-n-Out Burgers for a hamburger. Now if you’re from California, Nevada, or Arizona you’re probably familiar with the icon of In-n-Out Burgers. They are not anywhere else in the United States and for a very long time they were only in California. Then they’ve gradually lapped over into Arizona and Nevada, which we’re happy about since we live in Arizona.

In-n-Out Burgers was started in 1948 in Baldwin Park, California by a couple by the name of Harry and Esther Snyder. Harry and Esther had a very simple value system that they wanted to apply to one drive-in restaurant to sell fresh hamburgers. They wanted to provide the highest quality food, and friendly service in a sparkling clean environment. And I can tell you that the family and the company that has grown from the great 1948 idea still lives up to that value system today.

Now you might wonder why do we care about that? Okay, I like a tasty burger once in a while too. But how does this apply to my business? Think about this–the highest quality product–and friendly service. How about ethical and reliable service–consistent service–welcoming service: all of those things in a sparkling clean environment.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, or whether you’re an online business, you might see the analogy in a sparkling and clean environment with highly ethical, value driven, value based, customer service. Giving a quality product and really following through on what you promised, following through on your guarantees, following through on what you say your product will do. That’s all part of a sparkling clean environment as far as I’m concerned.

But back to the actual In-n-Out Burgers story. We went in there the other day early in the morning. They often open before 10 a.m. because they have so many rabid fans like us and sometimes we actually have breakfast there. We skip breakfast and we skip lunch and we go in there in the mid-morning.

So I went in to order a hamburger and I noticed something over my head that normally wasn’t there when I was ordering a hamburger and it was this. It was really, really big money! I couldn’t help but notice. I said hey what’s up with the big money? They kind of laughed and said they just hang them up there to get them all revved up for the day because they have a very strong kind of community with their employees also. They sing while they are working, they banter and joke around and they have a good time while they are providing excellent service.

So I did something that I think all of us need to do in our business.

I asked them for the big money. I said, “Would it be okay if I had the big money? Do you mind? Can I have it?” And they gave it to me!

So there is another analogy for your business–If you don’t ask for the big money you’re never going to get it. So I thought if I could just share the big money with you today to kind of inspire you that no matter what the economy has been doing, no matter how you may have been trodden on a little bit over the past couple of years–I mean the new economy has impacted everybody and it’s a whole new reality and that new reality comes into your marketing.

Not in the sense that you can no longer make a good living or a high profit online. But in the sense that you need to be flexible and adapt to the current conditions. I promise you that when you do that it will still be very possible to get the big money–to ask for it and to get it. If you remember our friends, Harry and Esther Snyder’s value system – high quality, great service and sparkling clean.

That’s it for today. I hope that you will come back over and over again and share Tina’s Marketing Minutes with me. My goal is to give you some very high quality content, some fun, and maybe some new ideas and new approaches on how to do some things in your marketing that will prove fruitful, profitable, and even enjoyable for you.

And don’t forget, you can always leave me a comment if you have a question and I’ll get back to you and answer it the best I can on the next Tina’s Marketing Minutes.

So until next time this is Tina Lorenz


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  1. Marilyn Lilly

    Hello Tina,

    It’s great to see you on the new web site.
    I like the “Big Money” video and concept!

    All the best,


    • Tina

      Hi Marilyn, good to “see” you. I’m glad you enjoyed the “Big Money!”

  2. Larry Merkl

    Hi Tina,

    I had to chuckle when you mentioned In-N-Out Burgers. For 30 years I lived in the LA area and passed by a lot of In-N-Out Burgers, but had never visited one. Then after I moved to Palm Springs, I saw one of the Huell Howser California’s Gold PBS programs highlighting In-N-Out Burgers, so I had to check it out. The program had mentioned that even today, the granddaughter teaches the new employees at their “University” using the hand typed “Bible” Esther and Harry had put together on running the business and instilling the virtues needed as an Associate. So I located the lone In-N-Out Burger here in the desert near a casino and experienced it myself. And just like you I make it a treat every once in a while.


    • Tina

      Hi Larry, just found out In-n-Out is opening in Dallas! Woohoo! Hope they keep their quality up. glad you finally decided to test the waters and become a fan. 🙂

  3. Hey Tina,

    My name is Tyler. I learned a lot from your post on Clickbank. I also love your zeal, and the passion that your words speak when you’re addressing your audience. Tina, I’m new to affiliate marketing but very excited about the opportunities. I feel like I have what it takes to create affective copy ads, and get the “big money” in this business. However, I haven’t been able to get an answer to the following question: “how does one go about finding an audience to market products or service to”?

    • Tina

      Hi Tyler, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it. I’m glad you found value in the article too.

      Re: your question–the answer can be quite long, so let’s start with the basics. If you mean, how do I find the people to promote a product to–the first thing to keep in mind is simply this: Market First. That means make sure you have a viable market for your product (even if it is an affiliate product) BEFORE you begin investing in your marketing.

      You can do this by doing some research, for example typing in the keywords for your product and seeing how many searches there are for it. If your product is weight loss oriented, you are pretty much assured there is a big market for it–so that’s a good starting point.

      Then it’s all about getting seen by your potential customers. There are many ways to do this, some no cost, some low cost, and some very expensive.

      For starters, you can look for blogs or forums where “your people” hang out (like weight loss forums for example) and watch, listen and learn about what they are looking for, what their concerns are, what their needs are. You can begin to participate in a way that is helpful, not pushing a product because you will get knocked off quickly or at the very least irritate people–but if you can have natural conversations with them, that’s how you begin forging relationships. Many forums allow you to have a signature line, so you can have your website there if it is allowed.

      You can comment on blogs the same way–helpful information or comments, not spamming anybody, but just beginning to be present.

      You can certainly run ads: Facebook, PPC (though that can be very expensive), banner ads, space ads in newsletters, even offline ads in local papers or shoppers that take people to your website.

      You can participate in social media as another avenue–but you need to know the rules of the road so you don’t tick anybody off by being all about the sale–again, it’s about relationship and building trust.

      These are just some quick ideas for you–certainly there are many more.

      It’s going to be important that you continue to invest in yourself at whatever level you can, to hone your marketing chops and really understand how online marketing works. You can do it–just take it one step at a time. Once you get your first sale, you will know how possible this really is–and you can build from there.

      Onward and UPward,

  4. Tina,

    Love, love, love In-N-Out!!!

    especially Animal Style fries.

    actually had AS burger and fries together one time (once was enough). learned to only pick one at a time.

    our drives in So Calif are often planned around In N Out locations

    is that a true believer or what?

    Oh, enjoyed your video, too.

    and the writing samples on your TW site.

    • admin

      Hey Tom, nice to hear from you.

      Yep, those Animal Style burgers are da’ bomb for sure.

      Did you know I&O just opened in Texas? Crazy busy with lines miles long for the drive-through.

      Glad you enjoyed the video–I plan to do more soon after my coaching program is underway.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Thank you Tina, for an inspiring message my question to you is simple.

    We in the UK have had to endure the Golden Arches burger chain for so many years and without any other real choice, not unless you count the flamed grilled burger people but then I had a bad expereince in one of their outlets in Gatwick airport which almost put me off for life. Anyway, enough of that, do you thin their is a chance this in and out cool sounding burger place will come to the UK?

    Let Frank know his work rocks.

    • admin

      Hey Freud, thanks for dropping by!

      I’m so sorry to say I do not think our famous In-n-Out Burgers has
      any plans to storm the UK anytime soon. They are just now nudging
      into Texas, with plans to open something like 500 new locations there in
      the next few years.

      But that’s what Virgin Air is for Freud (nice play on concepts there
      don’t you think?) Come on over and chow down on a delicious burger!
      (But don’t eat anything at the airport.)

      All the best,

  6. KC

    Great tip :), I just wrote a note to myself to remember to ask for the big money.

    I love learning about smart marketing, so i am looking forward to your marketing minutes.

    Oh, and Yes we here in Tucson, Arizona Love our New In n Out Burger as well. (are you in the PHX area?)


    • admin

      Yep KC I wander around Arizona among other
      places–it’s a beautiful state.

      Be watching for more Marketing Minutes after
      the first of the year!

      All the best,

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